“True” value is more than economics –
it’s deeply personal.

Something is broken…

Investor’s Concept of “Value” ≠ Owner’s Concept of “Value”

Why? Because unfortunately most investors conceive of value differently than an owner.

Most investors often:

  • Have not built businesses from the ground up.
  • See value only through an economic lens.
  • Have a common pedigree of life & business experience.
  • Have learned the validity of a business theory but not it’s practicality.
  • Face pressure from their own investors.
  • Don’t understand “true” value

You should expect a partner who:

  • Understands you and your business.
  • Values you and your other key stakeholders.
  • Is able to help you grow your business.
  • Brings a diverse set of industry access, resources, and skills.
  • Creates value in a way consistent with how you understand “true” value.

Economic Value + Personal Value = “True” Value

“True” value is built upon:

Long-Term Perspective


Collective Orientation



We believe in significance more than success.

To optimize the “true” value of your business, it’s critical to partner with someone whose concept of value aligns with your own.

We have more than 40 years of family business operating experience across the food & agriculture supply chain. And while each business has its own unique set of challenges, our goal is to help optimize the long-term value of your business for all stakeholders. This requires understanding your needs, constraints, and challenges and working together to form a trusted partnership built on a common understanding of “true” value.